Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jade Decorated T-Shirts

I love to wear these modern togs with olden jade decorations, although I seldom get the response I want, such as some compliments, please. Instead I get bland comments like, hey, how you wash them ? or what you gonna do when they get old ? Well, heck,the answers are I thought quite obvious - put them in a nylon washing bag and put them in the machine and as for shirts growing old, of course I would do what I always do that is recycle these precious jade pieces by putting them on to another T. Well a secret I'd like to share is the durability of jade. These pieces of mine have lasted if not a century then at least 50-80 years, as jade is one of the most indestructable stones and can stand a wash or scrub without mishap.
The initiated should also look at them mircoscopically through a loupe. Although tiny they have been patiently shaped and carved each one a unique piece depicting flower basket, insects or some traditional motif. The modern miss may decorate their clothes with sequins, crystals or rhinestones, but I would not exchange my faded jade decorations for any of these.

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