Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Box of Vintage Glass & Stone Buttons

According to bead terminology a button is also a bead, hence this set of buttons is included in this bead blog.

Their vintage is about 70-100 plus years old, all originating in China. The buttons are of coral, glass, agate and stone. I am wondering what kind of garments would take such buttons ? An old style Qing jacket or a high neck cheongsam of the 1920s? Would the material be silk, chiffon or cotton ? I do wish there are more research material around for the study of such vintage buttons.

After writing the above I have been struck by the thought that these may not be buttons at all ! Perhaps they're pendants or hair ornaments. They may have dangled at the end of a hairpin. Well, a lot of collecting is about guessmate isnt't it ?? And until the day I find a picture of these button-like items in their original state of use, I won't be able to pinpoint their exact identity.

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