Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hongshan style Cloud Pendant

Here is another Hongshan style pendant which was purchased together with the one in previous post.

I am not normally a collector of replicas, but this one is such an amusing, inventive adaptation of the Hongshan classic Cloud pendant, that I couldnt resist. The original Hongshan cloud pendant is normally represented by an abstract pattern. The forger/reproducer of my piece has copied the original design and added a hole in the upper left and hey presto it is a sweet little deer! This cloud pendant turned deer measures 3.6x1.9cm.
Replica or no, deers, being my best collectible friends, next to birds, bees, fishes, butterflys et al, I was more than happy to get it. Hmmm, it may also be Ming or Qing vintage, like Xuang-Lian-Bi in earlier post. Now if only I could find a good way to string this one up life would be perfect :)

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