Saturday, September 12, 2009


"Rather a fragment of jade than
a complete tile of clay...... "

was said by the fool or hero, depends on how you look at it, Jinghao of the Eastern Wei Dynasty.(534–550)

These words cost him his head, but nonetheless immortalized him, as his phrase has been quoted over centuries by outstanding Chinese men and women and all true lovers of jade. Guess I am stretching Jinghao's words a bit, rather a big bit, but it does seem a cool phrase/idiom to start a topic on recycling jade. No doubt Jinghao's words refer to the high moral quality of jade whereas my subject, by comparison is more trivial.

And here to illustrate the enduring beauty of jade, is this tiny jade fragment which has been lovingly recycled with knots, beads, another jade and cord to make a wearable necklace.

jade fragment
fragment recycled into a wearable necklace

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