Friday, April 16, 2010


Bead that rocks

This is one rock crsytal bead that ROCKS ! Its shape is rather unusual being made up of 4 beads carved from one rock crystal. What should be the right word to describe its shape ? Quadraplet is what I have in mind except it doesnt conform to bead terminology, but never mind.

When I first saw it I thought it resembled an aeroplane. But then on second glance it looked like a bird, a rocket even a spaceship !! Rather ingenious bead maker with something of the funky touch.

Bird , aeroplane or rocket ?

The perfs are quite large and in each of them are concentric ring tool marks. The crystal surface is weathered and primitive and the bead measures 3cmx2.5cm. Was it meant to be worn as a pendant or a bead? In any case why 4 perforations?

I haven't seen the likes of such a bead before. Nor seen it documented in any book or on the net. For all I know it might have been used as a Tibetan amulet, Mongolian sword ornament, Manchurian flask decoration,  neolithic mythical  object, ritualistic symbol is anyone's guess. I may be wrong but it doesn't look like a Han artefact although the bead came from China.

still trying to figure out the object....

Hmmmm, if this is a bird I  guess the large central bead maybe the body and the 2 side appendages  may be the wings but what about the top appendage. Is it a bird  carrying something on its back? Louis Cha's tales of Condor Heros come to mind :))

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