Monday, November 5, 2012


Here are 2  tiny jade sculptures measuring about 1.5cm and 1.8cm each.   They look like fruits but what fruit is represented by their odd shape ?

Exotic jade fruit carving

According to a jade enthusiast friend, they are called "Buddha hands" after the exotic fruit  Citrus medica var sarcodactylis  or fingered citron.
To settle my curoisity I googled Buddha Hands fruit and found that such fruit hands are described as ...

  "  In China the Buddha’s Hand citron symbolizes happiness and long life, because its name, “fo-shou”, has those meanings when written with other characters. Chinese like to carry the fruit in their hands, place it on tables in their homes, and present it as a sacrificial offering at temple altars......
the Buddha’s Hand fruit was important by the 10th century A.D. in Fujian. Chinese artists classically depicted the fruit in jade and ivory carvings, in prints, and on lacquered wood panels "

With my interest piqued I tracked down this interesting fruit at our local market. Here is a picture of  one variety of the fruit.

Buddha Hands fruits, the Indonesian variety

large fruits and mini imitations in jade

Art imitates nature, so cute:)
These  hands with the fingers closed are somewhat different from those described in my earlier post  Beautiful Hands . But both are known as Buddha hands.
 I guess Hands is a much explored object in art.

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