Sunday, June 29, 2014

Banded, Striped and Barred......

.....Banded Agates are  some of my favourite beads.

Necklace of ancient agate beads
This necklace is composed of ancient agate beads collected from all over Myanmar.

I especially love the 3 bow shaped beads with their abstract patterns and varying degrees of translucence. Looks like these 3 nuggets of beauty have been designed by the combined efforts of nature and man.

Nuggets of Beauty

 Two  of the bow shaped beads  are very translucent.

translucent agates

The upper bead has a porcelain white, natural band which shows up well in the translucent stone. The white band is gently V shape and covers most of the bead. This lovely bead may also be described as "purse shape" as it tapers to a sharp end resembling a small purse. The lower bead is enhanced by two white symmetrical stripes at both ends.

The  large bow shaped  bead  below measures 4.2cm and is embellished with interesting bands and color.  The stone appears opaque but when a light is shone on it the bands around the centre white portion are translucent and one can see clearly through the stone. I am not sure whether it should be classified as  agate or jasper

Is this jasper or agate ?

The rest of the beads in the strand are also  unique varying in shape, size, color,  banding stripes and swirls.   Some of the beads have uneven surfaces with quirky dings and dips, (possibly due to hand polishing)  which are wonderfully tactile.  Although age worn,   pitted and pored in many parts each one is still a treasure.
Each bead is unique

And here's a bracelet of banded agates  from the same source which I like to wear all the time.
Bracelet of banded agates
Now I just need a stripey orange and brown  longyi to go with them :)

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