Sunday, December 28, 2014

3 Lovely Lasses

These 3 slim girls carved from jade hail from maybe 2000 years ago.

Maybe as old as 2000 years

Judging from the degree of corrosion on the jade they must have endured long years of burial. Although  they  have lost their original    lustre some dignified grace remains in their tall silhouette , long sleeves, hands demurely folded at the waist.

Lacklustre  but still dignified

Each piece is minimally carved and the facial features are simply notched.  As the figures do not carry any air of nobility  they may represent serving maids from the countryside. I am guessing  that they hail from the Han dynasty (206BC -220AD) as their gait and garments, top knots etc resemble paintings and wall murals of Han dynasty folk.

Simple and dignified

The back view shows the long sleeves and a line indicates the hair

Back view

At top of the head there is a ring hole for attachment as pendant

Ring hole for attachment as pendant

Their small size measuring 4.7cm x 0.5 cm, together with the ring hole indicates that they may have served as components in  ornamental jade sets such as the one set up by me below.

Could have been in a set of Jade Ornaments such as this "made-up" set

As Han jade, the carving on these pieces are not great but they are  interesting figurines from the past. When they were newly carved and polished, I am sure they must have been Lovely Lasses.

3 Lovely Lasses


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