Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Here's a modest handmade bracelet I knotted for casual wear. Though it calls for no great skills, more like child's play, making them is really a labor of love as each knot has to be individually tied. Maybe that is why knotted bracelets are called Friendship Bracelets as each knot is tied with love.

Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet is made using the simple chevron knot and six strands of  embroidery floss. 
chevron pattern

For the closing I have used an antique jade button as a clasp.
Jade button as clasp

 The little jade button can double as an ornament on the wrist side.
Jade button doubles as decoration

The versatile little jade button is also hand carved. 
Carved by jade master, ages ago.

This uniquely crafted bracelet combining handmade knots with an antique jade button really makes it one of a kind. I daresay  after searching through the net that there are not many around which makes it both original and bespoke !
So Bespoke !


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