Sunday, December 6, 2015

Amazing and Collectible.....

.... small is beautiful...or the wonder of tiny jade carvings


Mini  jade carvings are not always easy to decipher or comprehend. At  first glance they may look like  hopeless blobs of jade.

What carving is this ??

If you look at miniature carvings  with the naked eye you may not make out what the jade artisan is depicting. But if you peer at them with a magnifier then presto they are transformed ! My own moment of discovery came as I was searching among my scattered  stuff with a   magnifier and turned up these two gems below.

2 gems of jade carvings

What a bonus !

 The circular jade  measuring 1.2cm turns out to be a bird as shown in the example below

Neat bird carved into the circular jade

The second jade is 2 cm long is mostly white and the contrasting patch of bright green reveals a perching bird.

See the bird ??

While the value of small carvings is negligible they are in my eyes  quite amazing and collectible !

Amazing and collectible!

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