Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seal bead bracelet

I was happy that this flat seal bead came with a drilled perforation as it meant that I could use it as a center piece with other old beads to form a bracelet for casual wear.

Man's head, winged 4 legged beast

The seal is made from ancient carnelian and has an intaglio engraving on one side. The seller from Kashgar China said that it is a seal from the ancient silk route. I could not identify the animal and he said that it is a camel chewing on flower. On closer examination, it seemed more like a man's head, winged  4 legged beast that is indeed chewing on a flower.

An imprint on plasticine

The black is flat and plain and the perforation is drilled from both sides.
flat, plain back

Teamed up with dusky red, old Chinese beads  it is now one of my prized  bracelets.

A much prized possession !

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