Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jade on the Shells 2nd Installment

After a sumptuous seafood meal at Rung Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot  I've gotten myself a bagful of  bigger shells  than those shown on my earlier post of  Jade on the Shells *

Oyster and scallop shells

Armed with these larger shells, I have gone on to rearrange the display shown on my earlier post. Here are the pictures of my new theme Jade on the Bigger Shells.

Jade on the Scallop Shells showcase interesting composition of  jade and pearls

The scallop shell on the left has 7 tiny carved jade frogs perched amidst 13 apple green jade stones. The shell on right has a combination of various oval shaped vintage jade stones and freshwater pearls.

The shells are the placed upright  on  rosewood plate stands.
Rosewood plate stands

Shells stand out on rosewood stands

The large oyster shell  below is a perfect fit for 8 delicate emerald green pieces of antique jade (which were previously displayed on 2 smaller shells.)
extra large oyster shell

It has been a fun exercise !

 see also Jade on the Shells 1st Installment

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