Thursday, November 17, 2016

Revisiting old Haunts and getting a haul....

.....of antique hairpins

I had not visited this shop in over a decade  because of all that's been  happening in my life(both good and bad ) that prevented me from going. Well ten years is  a long time and I did not really expect the shop or the shop keeper to be still in business. So it was pleasantly nostalgic to discover both shop and lady boss to be still in operation albeit shop was reduced to half its size and lady boss had aged by ten years (as I also) Despite the changes we both recognized each other immediately and effusively.

Here are some pictures of the nice haul I got from that impromptu  and  fortuitous visit

Antique hairpins from the Ming - Qing dynasty (1368-1911)
Very-old-world sweet !
Close ups of  the hairpins are shown below

Jade lotuses set in silver gilt evoke nostalgia 

delicate and graceful  bird with dangle, to adorn a ladies' hair

Captivating white jade flower. The 4 petals appear convex but are actually concave!
Silver gilt butterfly with blue enamel ends in a tiny spoon

2 white jade bis set in silver gilt

A pair of colorful hairpins hand wired with jade and beads depicting a floral design

Hairpins look good  displayed in my centuries old pots.

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