Thursday, April 19, 2018

4 Ancient Jade Plaques with Line Carving

Here are 4 jade plaques or pendants that had me intrigued

Mottled olive green jade infused with cloudy patina

The jade is a light olive green, infused with cloudy white patina which does not corrode the jade. Instead oddly it seems to enhance it. With white  patina blooming all over them I cannot help but guess they are ancient pieces but I cannot really identify the exact period or which Chinese cultural group they belong to.

Which dynasty and which Chinese cultural group?

Round shaped and measuring 3 cm  diameter, each plaque has  3 small holes drilled near the edge . Each piece has a carving of  mythical  animal on one side. The line carvings retain traces of cinnabar.  Not sure if these red lines are the remains of cinnabar or some dealer just outlined it in red to make the drawings stand out. I have soaked the pieces in soapy water and the red lines have not disappeared. The reverse side is plain.

No Carvings on the back

To show  a better view I have lined up the following enlargements



Snake wrapped round a turtle


To add to the mystery each plaque is also very thin. What tools were used to carve these mythological animals without damaging the delicate jade. Or are these jade of younger vintage, although patina says otherwise. Another possibility,  were drawings newly added using modern tools ?

Finally, were they used as pendants, or worn as belts, strung as chatelaines or hung as part of a veil ??

Whatever, their history or vintage, I would still find them attractive and collectible.

Very collectible !

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