Saturday, January 22, 2011


These 2 cute carnelian boys have 2 drilled holes at each side for attachement. They were probably used as hat buttons for little children. Although similar, they are not identical, the chubbier boy on the left has a fringe while the smaller one does not.

The condition of the smaller piece was rather poor when I first bought it.

rather dark and dirty

But with a little soap and water the little fella has been restored to its original luster. Which goes to show that carnelian is a very hardy stone.

The backs are flat and plain.

They date from late Qing to 20th century and are popular with both local Han Chinese as well as minority groups.

Carnelian boys are also sometimes used as insets for silver accessories such as bracelets and hairpins. However I am not lucky to possess any piece in its orginal setting.

I salvaged mine from the local flea and the silver or hat originals must long have decayed. But still they are attractive and collectible.

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