Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Year of the Rabbit 2011

Here comes the Bunnies ...

To usher in the year of the Rabbit are these 3 tiny rabbits purportedly from the Xizhou era(1027-771BC)

They are made in the true-blue Xizhou style of small zoomorphic animals which are carved from thin flat slabs of jade, turquoise and agate.

The largest piece made from turquoise measures 3x1.7cm.

The jade rabbit measures 3x1.5cm

while the smallest measures 2.3x0.5cm

The obverse of this rabbit has been completely eroded.

Judging from their  form and expression with crouching pose and large staring eyes I am rather hopeful of their being the real Mccoy. There are also toolmarks in the perforations and on the bodies. However toolmarks are tricky and I have yet to learn how to tell the authentic from the  forged. No matter how hard I look my head just goes groggy from trying to separate the genuine from the fake. So,  I'd just leave this factor to guessmate :)

So Bunnies may you all hop in with a rich Bounty of good Jian Kang and Ping An  for 2011, Year of the Rabbit !

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