Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Handful of Jade Rosettes

These  whimsical little jade rosettes also called yu-hua or jade flowers, date  from  late Qing (19th to about early 20th century)

Antique yu-hua
Although the rosettes are made from thin and small pieces of jade they are well shaped with attention to detail. The 12 flower blossoms are carved as rosettes with 5 petals radiating from a raised centre which incorporates  a hole. As all the pieces have only one central perforation I suspect these are likely to be hairpin components rather than buttons. 
likely to be hairpin components
Here's a circular arrangement  of 8 flowers see picture below
Circular arrangement of 8 rosettes 

 Four of the jade flowers have rounded concave petals  which have been painstakingly carved to give a scoop or tea spoon like appearance.
each petal resembles a scoop

  The largest yu-hua measures 1.4cm and the smallest 0.9cm
Largest and smallest of the floweres
There are 5 delicate protrusions at the petal's edge of the next flower which measures all of 1.3 cm
Spiked at the edge with delicate protrusions
It's a delight to hold these century old, tender jade blossoms in the palm of my hand.
A handful of jade flowers

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