Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monkey arrives riding a horse.....

....or Ma Shang Feng Hou, is an auspicious phrase to usher in Lunar New Year of the Monkey 2016. The symbolic meaning of this greeting is a wish for a successful life with promotional prospects. It is also a jolly pun on the Chinese words  马上风猴 which is read as "monkey riding a swift horse" and 马上封候 which is an auspicious greeting of "Immediately you will be conferred to high rank " 

To illustrate this quibble,  I have borrowed a snuff bottle from Heng. The snuff bottle with glass overlay depicting a monkey riding astride a horse aptly highlights this good luck expression.

Monkey riding on a horse is rich in asuspicious associations

I have also culled 7 playful  little monkeys from  my jade box to  celebrate the festival and  to send propitious   greetings. The little imps are either bearing longevity peaches or are exercising their agility by climbing trees.

Auspicious monkeys 2016

More monkey treasures to join the festive cheer are  two monkey statuettes below. One is carved from coral the other from jade or soapstone, both contributions from Heng.

 Monkey statuettes

The last  monkey ornament I have is carved from a curved piece of jade or soapstone. It depicts a monkey with a deer both emblems of  prosperity for the Year of the Fire Monkey.

    Hóunián jíxiáng  
Wishing all Collectors the best of Monkey Luck 2016!

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